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Good news fellow Ashlee Oaks residents.  

Kimball Bridge Road widening project is coming to its conclusion.  According to Alton Matthews the Johns Creek City designated Project Manager the final project punch list was completed and will be delivered to the project’s prime contractor.  The City of Johns Creek expects the prime contractor to address or items listed in the punch list within the next two to three weeks.  This means that the temporary construction easement that has impacted our entrance  and subdivision fence project can advance.  

Our Architectural Review Committee volunteers for the Entrance project will kick off the development of a design concept for the entrance and fences.  The committee  will share a design concept proposal list of option(s) that highlights their recommended option and lists their pros and cons.  

The Board will consider the final recommendation and will make the final selection which then we will be shared with the homeowners for its final approval of the design concept.

                                                                                                                                           ---Board President 


  • Road widening project may carry through first week of May 2019
  • Road concept will be designed by  community
  • Fence construction companies to be identified and request for proposal to be issued to at least four viable companies
  • Fence construction to begin by construction company with a winning bid
  • Bid selection criteria to be based on:  

  1. Cost
  2. Quality
  3. Timeline

Current Road Project (post from Johns Creek Government)

The City of Johns Creek and the Georgia Department of Transportation are developing plans to widen Kimball Bridge Road between State Bridge and Jones Bridge roads starting in fall 2017 and finishing in spring 2019.

The 1.25-mile project will widen Kimball Bridge Road from two to four lanes and also includes adding some turn lanes, beautification, and pedestrian trails.

The four-lane will add capacity to Kimball Bridge Road and provide a more expedient connection between State Bridge and Jones Bridge roads. Center left-turn lanes and deceleration lanes at subdivision entrances will pull traffic out of the through-lanes, allowing traffic to flow more smoothly.

The 10-foot-wide trails on each side of the road will add improved connectivity between sidewalks and trails on Jones Bridge Road to Alpharetta’s trail network. 

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